Welcome to Canal's End Antiques

Canal’s End Antiques is located on Mill Street in
Historic Bristol Borough.

We carry a wide variety of items from the past:

We have Tools to Toys, 

Jewelry to Furniture, 

Records, Artwork, Books, 

Vintage Clothing, 

Military Items, 

and even Old Time Candy.

We offer a little Bit of History 

along with a whole lot of memories.

Customers reviews

This place is such a gem!! I wandered in here after visiting the place next store (which wasn’t my favorite) and was so pleasantly surprised with how much great stuff they had for such a small store. The prices were extremely fair and the woman working there was incredibly sweet too
Megan Grambo
Local Guide
hub cap
Albert Scheck
***** Very nice people
Marionette puppets
Robert Hutchinson
What a great addition to the antiques scene in Bristol, PA! If you are looking for unique antiques or that special vintage find, you must visit Canal’s End Antiques! There is an assortment of adorable vintage booths filled with amazing collectibles. Susan, the owner is very knowledgeable and helpful. You could spend hours exploring this shop!
Kathy DiTannia
Owner was very helpful, prices were good, and I will definitely make the trek to find more treasures!
film reel
Zantlo Zantlom
wooden spoons
Roxy Manarang-Raum
***** A large variety of Items from a vast time span. The organization is great and the prices are mostly fair. The staff were very pleasant and helpful. Highly Recommended.
Brian Bittner
Local Guide
***** Bought a lot here. Good Stuff, good prices, good people.
Kevin McCleary
***** Great Place. Lots of really nice old items. 5 stars
wooden feet
Robert Adam
***** Lovely Owners helped me find some jewelry! So many cool options.
porcelain shoes
Krista H

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